Once the seed touches the ground

Tafí del Valle (2000 MASL)
Tucumán, Argentina

We are dedicated to perfecting the cultivation practices of medicinal grade Cannabis

Inkillay is a company specialized in the development of genetic improvement processes and the production of high-quality High-Altitude Cannabis. We have all the necessary certifications established by regulatory bodies and follow international standards that guarantee the excellence of our production.

INTA: Research and Development agreement approved by the Ministry of Health of Argentina.
INASE: Authorized as a Seed Breeding Facility, Category A.


First germination trials

Inkillay's team of professionals, together with experts from INTA, work with registered seeds, investigate the different varieties and apply traceability protocols, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and knowledge acquired over more than 15 years of experience in cultivation of cannabis by our engineers and growers.


Our facilities combine state-of-the-art technology, design and energy efficiency with a single objective: to offer the highest quality cannabis on the market through a balanced production model. The configuration is a technical challenge that involves specialists from various fields of engineering, architecture, and local builders.

Tafí del Valle

The landscapes of Tafí del Valle inspire our project. The mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the site where Inkillay grows Argentina's first High Altitude Cannabis for the world.

The sustainable production of Cannabis responds to a cultural change in the health paradigm where human beings understand ourselves as part of an environment that we must respect.

We uphold that vision at each stage of cultivation to offer high quality Cannabis with production, scientific and ethical standards in accordance with the needs of the world to come.

High Altitude Cannabis

Inkillay is the only Argentinean company with a Medicinal Cannabis Research and Production project located above 2000 meters above sea level, allowing us to maximize solar radiation and, more precisely, ultraviolet rays.

These exceptional natural conditions are complemented by indoor cultivation technology, including aluminized reflective mesh, total darkening system, cooling system with evaporative panels, high-power LED lighting, air extractors, internal ventilation, automated temperature and humidity control, and biosafety protocols with sanitizing anterooms that guarantee stable and safe production.

Inkillay. ''My Flower Garden''

Quechua (Indigenous Language)

Our production philosophy based on the alliance between technology and nature seeks to collect the secrets of the earth to contribute to a new culture of human well-being.

The attention begins once the seed touches the ground through rigorous traceability procedures and 100% organic cultivation. This ensures that the purity of the elements reaches where it is most needed:
the health and well-being of those who choose our Cannabis.

The first phase of our high-mountain cultivation R&D center is in full swing and thanks to the privileged location of our Greenhouses, we plan to obtain a top-level Cannabis, whose objective is to compete in the most demanding markets.

Inkillay integrates cutting-edge technology, knowledge and productive development for the installation of a one-of-a-kind enterprise.

Why Tafí del Valle?

The incomparable bioclimatic characteristics of this valley directly related to its altitude gradient, thermal amplitude and behavior of insolation have a highly positive effect on the development of the best genetic varieties and chemotypes, favoring healthy germination and better plant growth of our varieties.

Undoubtedly, this pristine environment with its clean air and pure water, the greatness of the mountains and the mystique of nature that surrounds Tafí del Valle is part of the secret of the best traditions that we want to honor in Inkillay.

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